Employees’ Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

At Audiama, we aspire to create the highest quality audio dramas while maintaining an environment of mutual respect and professionalism. This Code of Conduct establishes the standards of behaviour expected from our employees to ensure that we uphold our reputation.

2. Purpose

This document outlines the expected behaviours and professional conduct to foster a positive and collaborative work environment.

3. Scope

All employees, contractors, freelancers and collaborators associated with Audiama Productions Limited must adhere to this Code of Conduct.

4. Professionalism

4.1 Employees must maintain a high standard of professionalism, ensuring their actions reflect well on Audiama.

4.2 Punctuality, diligence and a proactive approach to responsibilities are paramount.

5. Respect and Fair Treatment

5.1 Discrimination, bullying, harassment or any other form of mistreatment will not be tolerated.

5.2 Everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of their position, background or contributions.

6. Communication

6.1 Clear, concise, and respectful communication is vital.

6.2 Feedback should be constructive, aiming for collaboration and growth.

7. Confidentiality

7.1 All proprietary information, scripts, unreleased content and business strategies must remain confidential unless explicit permission is granted for disclosure.

7.2 Personal information of colleagues and collaborators should also be respected and protected.

8. Use of Company Assets

8.1 Company assets, including recording equipment, software, and premises, should be used responsibly and solely for company-related activities.

8.2 Loss, damage, or misuse of company assets may lead to disciplinary action.

9. Conflict of Interest

9.1 Any situation that may create a conflict between personal interests and Audiama's interests should be avoided.

9.2 Employees must disclose any potential conflicts of interest to their supervisors.

10. Health and Safety

10.1 Audiama has a published health and safety policy. Employees must follow all safety protocols, especially when using electrical and sound equipment.

10.2 Any hazards or safety concerns should be immediately reported to the management.

11. Substance Abuse

11.1 Employees must not be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or any other intoxicating substance while working.

11.2 Substance abuse issues should be reported, and those affected are encouraged to seek help.

12. Collaboration and Teamwork

12.1 Teamwork forms the foundation of our creative process. Cooperation and positive contributions to team dynamics are essential.

12.2 Differences in opinions should be addressed respectfully, with a focus on the project's best interests.

13. Representation of the Company

13.1 When representing Audiama Productions Limited, either at events or online, employees should present themselves in a manner that positively reflects the company.

13.2 Any public statements related to the company should align with our values and be approved by the management.

14. Compliance with Laws

14.1 Employees must comply with all applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations.

14.2 Ignorance of the law is not an excuse and will not be accepted as a defence for misconduct.

15. Reporting Concerns

15.1 Employees are encouraged to report any violations of this code or other concerns to their supervisors or the HR department.

15.2 Whistleblowers are protected, and retaliation against those who report violations will not be tolerated.

16. Consequences of Violations

16.1 Violations of this code may result in disciplinary action, ranging from verbal warnings to termination of employment.

16.2 Serious infractions may lead to legal action.

17. Conclusion

This Code of Conduct will be reviewed annually. Employees will be consulted and informed about significant changes. Audiama prides itself on its integrity, creativity and commitment to excellence. By adhering to this Code of Conduct, we ensure a harmonious work environment where creativity flourishes and everyone feels valued. For any questions or clarifications regarding this Code of Conduct, please contact our Human Resources department at hr@audiama.com

Reviewed July 2023